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Dot the Dragon.jpg
PERFORMER Rachel Bloom
DEBUT 2018

Dot the Dragon is a dragon who appeared in the Muppet Babies episode "Sir Kermit the Brave."

Her full name is Belladotta of Sweaterhelm, but nobody calls her that (except her mom when she gets angry).

Kermit and Dot overcome their fear of the dark together and sing a song about their newfound confidence.

Dot later reappeared in "The Spoon in the Stone" in a speaking role, and made several silent cameos in "Kermit's Big Show" and "Puppy for a Day" during song montages, as well as fast asleep in "Gonzo's Clean Sweep."

Her appearance is based on dragon action figures that the kids regularly play with, such as in the beginning of the episodes "Sir Kermit the Brave" and again in "Chicken Round-Up." Her shadow makes a cameo in the episode "No Takesies Backsies."