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Jim Henson and Cantus

Jim Henson and a Doozer

Down at Fraggle Rock: Behind the Scenes aired on HBO on July 13, 1987. The documentary, hosted by Jim Henson, looked at various aspects of the series, from development through design and casting, as well as specific characters, technical tricks, the use of music, and the international versions.

The special won a Gemini Award in 1987 for Best Children's Program.


Portions of the documentary were included as special features on the HIT Entertainment DVD releases Dance Your Cares Away (Doc and Sprocket), Live by the Rule of the Rock (The Gorgs), Doin' Things That Doozers Do (The Doozers), and Down in Fraggle Rock (Traveling Matt).

It was released in its entirety on VHS by Films Incorporated and on DVD as a bonus feature on the Fraggle Rock: the Complete First Season box set (also included in the complete series collection).

The full special was also released in 2013 as a digital download on the iTunes Store. It was later included on Apple TV+ in 2021.


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