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Palisades Muppet Figures
Character Dr. Teeth
Date Spring 2002
Series 1
Exclusive Wizard World East
Variants Dr. Teeth Action Figure

The exclusive Dr. Teeth Variant Action Figure was released by Palisades Toys as part of The Muppet Show’s 25th anniversary marketing campaign and sold exclusively at the Wizard World East convention. It was the very first figure Palisades made available to the public and was the only convention exclusive not available through the Palisades Collectors Club. Palisades chose not to ever rerelease the figure through its Collectors Club out of respect for the fans who had bought the figure on eBay.[1]

The figure is a repaint of the regular Dr. Teeth Action Figure, with a black hat, black half-shades over his eyes, black and white stripes on his shirt, and a repainted vest and cummerbund. Each individual figure is hand-painted as opposed to being painted on a production line, and because of this, each sash has a different design because there was no spray-masking involved.[2]

neck, ball-jointed shoulders, wrists, waist, hips, ankles
black hat, purple keyboard, logo base


  • According to a press soundbyte for The Muppets, this is the only figure Walter does not own.