Fraggle AlbumCover dreamAdream2.255x255-75
Songs from Fraggle Rock
Released 2013
Format digital download
Label Beta Petrol/Jim Henson Company
Cat no.

Dream a Dream and See is a 2013 digital album that features covers of Fraggle Rock songs by indie rock artists. The album was released by the Jim Henson Company as part of the show's 30th anniversary.

Track List

  1. "Count On Me" - Kyle Andrews
  2. "Ragtime Queen" - Jenny O.
  3. "Dream a Dream and See" - Fol Chen
  4. "Scare Them, Boo" - Audacity
  5. "Loose Your Heart and It's Found" - Sin Fang
  6. "Let Me Be Your Song" - Old Light
  7. "If You Want My Heart" - A Magic Whistle
  8. "Dance Your Cares Away" - Adventure
  9. "Sunlight and Shadow" - Darker My Love
  10. "I'm Gonna Be a Star" - Drag News
  11. "Convincing John " - Enon
  12. "Dance Your Cares Away" - Juiceboxxx
  13. "Time To Live As One" - Low
  14. "If You Want My Heart" - Radiation City
  15. "Turn Your Buttons Down" - Schlag Schlag
  16. "Hum Dance Clap Sing" - Spock & Nez
  17. "Dum De Dum" - Urxed
  18. "Do It On My Own" - Vivian Girls

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