PERFORMER David Rudman Duane
  Camille Bonora Ingrid
DEBUT 1988
PATTERN Large Lavender Live Hand, Duane
Fat Blue Live Hand, Ingrid

Duane and Ingrid are newlyweds who join Maria and Luis on their honeymoon camping trip in several 1988 episodes of Sesame Street.

In episode 2487, they find Maria and Luis stranded on the road after Oscar's Sloppy Jalopy breaks down miles away from the Adirondacks. Luckily, Duane and Ingrid are heading the same way for their honeymoon, and graciously offer to drive Maria and Luis (and their stuff) to the campsite, which coincidentally is right next to theirs. Ingrid is ecstatic about the two couples spending their vacation together, and insists on helping Maria and Luis with their duties like setting up their camp. Duane, however, is only half-listening in his interactions, as he most always dons a headset, grooving along to the music on his Walkman.

In the next episode, Maria and Luis are listening to the sounds of nature, when they suddenly hear stampeding elephants. The noise turns out to be Duane and Ingrid watching movies and they agree to use their headsets. Later in that episode, Duane and Ingrid take part in Sonny Friendly's game show in the Adirondacks.

In the last episode of the week, Duane and Ingrid present Maria and Luis with some souvenirs to help them remember their honeymoon: the rock with which they tried to open a can of beans, the unopened can of beans, a log from their first campfire, and the boot they fished out of the lake.

The two resurfaced later in the season in Episode 2567.

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