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β€œYour voice was dubbed!”
β€”Miss Piggy to Nicky Holiday in The Great Muppet Caper

Dubbing is the common film/TV term for the post-production replacement of one person's voice with another. The recording process is also called ADR (automated dialogue replacement) and can often be done by the original actors for better sound quality or because of dialogue changes. The term ADR is also often applied to crowd scenes or atmospheric dialogue (like PAs or phone voices) and is synonymous with looping (since shorter dialogue bits come in loops). Any substantial replacement by a different actor always counts as dubbing (including from one language to another).

The practice was extremely common in film musicals as late as the 1970s (and more sporadically thereafter), with most actors having a different singing voice. Dubbing often occurs when the on-camera performer is cast for reasons of physical appearance or special skills (stunts or dance, for example), in addition to reasons of spoken language, accent, diction, health issues affecting the voice, or simply wanting a different sound for the character.

The process has been used several times in Muppet projects (usually with celebrities or for the aforementioned singing vocals) and even more frequently for most Creatures. While on-screen actors are more occasionally dubbed in Muppet/Creature Shop projects, there have been several instances over the years (sometimes by the usual Muppet performers).

Dubbed actors in Muppet/Henson projects[]

  • "Memories": The unidentified actor in this 1967 Bufferin commercial is dubbed by Jim Henson.


  • The Polar Bear King, since it was a Norwegian film, was dubbed entirely for English language release (all voice actors uncredited).
  • Babe, in addition to necessary dubbing of the talking animals, dubbed many of the supporting actors (played by Australian or New Zealand performers) with Los Angeles voice actors. Among other instances, Mrs. Hoggett's friend Valda (Mary Acres) is voiced by Doris "Lunchlady Doris" Grau of The Simpsons, while the judge played by Marshall Napier is dubbed by He-Man voice John Erwin.


  • ADR for crowd scenes, which also includes yells, grunts, and murmurs, is often assigned to loop groups (sometimes credited, as in It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie). However, Muppet performers sometimes supplied it early on, such as in The Muppet Movie and The Great Muppet Caper.