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Ducks are a species of aquatic bird.

The Muppet Show

Various ducks appeared on The Muppet Show. One debuted as a running gag in episode 113, while another one was made for episode 303. Ronald Duck was the name given to one of the fowl in episode 220.

Sesame Street


On Sesame Street, several different, more cartoonish ducks have appeared regularly, beginning in the 1980s. One is a blue and orange duck, originally performed by Kevin Clash; the character was later named Alfred Duck.

Another duck who has been seen regularly is white, with orange hair and some orange features. In the 1980s, the duck was occasionally seen as The Amazing Mumford's assistant. In a Season 37 sketch (First: Episode 4111), the duck (performed here by Fran Brill) reveals her name to be "Jamie Foxx," sharing the same name with the actor (and a fox).

A more feminine looking duck, with pink hair and purple feathers, and a yellow duckling have also appeared in recent years. All four ducks appeared in the song, "Elmo's Ducks."

In Episode 4051, Telly dresses in his duck persona from Elmo's Musical Adventure: Peter and the Wolf in order to care for a baby duckling.

Rubber Duckie remains the best known Sesame Street duck, however.


Bear in the Big Blue House features the family of Harry the Duck, Hallie Duck, and Mama Duck.