Duncans doughnuts

Dunkin' Donuts is the "world's largest coffee and baked goods chain." They are located in 30 countries worldwide. As of 2011, they became the sponsor of the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade.


  • The chain was referenced in the Sesame Street book A My Name Is Annabel as Duncan's Doughtnuts. Duncan, the store's proprietor makes and sells doughnuts for a dime apiece. He sports a mustache, much like Fred the Baker, Dunkin' Donuts' long-time commercial spokesman.
  • In the Shalom Sesame episode "Chanukah," Moishe Oofnik opens up a stand selling sufganiyot (jelly donuts), which he calls "Oofganiyot." His sign font is based directly on that used by Dunkin' Donuts since 1972.

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