Characters appearing with additional instances of themselves.

Living reflections

A repeated gag used in various Muppet productions has a character performing an action, usually in front of a mirror, when suddenly, their reflection begins to act on its own.


Instances where multiple versions of a character appear on screen at the same time - whether through scientific innovation, magic spell, or subconscious fantasy.


  • According to Muppet writer David Misch: "At one meeting [for Inner Tube] I suggested a sketch parodying soap operas, culminating in Miss Piggy confronting her evil 'identical twin triplets.' Jim's wife Jane, who sat in on all meetings, took umbrage at this, pointing out that whenever outsiders were given tours of 'Muppet Mansion,' the Henson headquarters in Manhattan, the workshop was off-limits. The reason? It was thought that seeing dozens of disembodied Muppet heads and body parts would be too upsetting or, at least, disillusioning to the viewer. The same principle, she felt, applied to many Piggys in a scene. I'm not sure her opinion was widely shared but the sketch was cut."[1]
  • On August 7, 2015 Kermit tweeted, "We needed a copy machine for #TheMuppets production office and Dr. Honeydew made a cloning machine. At least we'll never run out of pizza!" [1]

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  1. ToughPigs Interview with David Misch
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