Edith Kunhardt (b. 1937), also credited as Edith Kunhardt Davis and under several pseudonyms, is a children's book author and daughter of Dorothy Kunhardt (who wrote the children's classic Pat the Bunny). Under the pen name Jessie Smith,[1] Kunhardt authored three Sesame Street books: Big Bird's Busy Day (1987), Going Places (1988), and Grover's Day at the Beach (1990).

Kunhardt worked for Golden Books in an editing capacity from 1974 (as an assistant editor) until 1986 (ending as a senior editor).[1] Some of her Golden Book titles as author include Martha's House, The Mouse Family's New Home (illustrated by Diane Dawson Hearn), Animal Quiz Book (illustrated by Kelly Oechsli),, and The Poky Little Puppy at the Fair.

Kunhardt began using pseudonyms during her time at Golden (writing a 1981 Popeye title as Edward Knapp) and continued the practice off and on. she later wrote several sequels to Pat the Bunny (including Pat the Cat). In the 1990s, she wrote the I'm Going to Be occupational series for Scholastic.


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