The original look of the Lecture Lady.

In many of her appearances on Sesame Street, actress Andrea Martin has appeared as her SCTV character Edith Prickley.

Martin appeared as Edith Prickley in Episode 2203 in which Edith, as a shoe salesman, in which she helps Maria and Grundgetta buy a pair of shoes. During the sketch, she performs "Three of These Things Belong Together," with three pairs of boots and a pair of maroon shoes.

Edith would also appear, singing, in the celebrity-filled version of "Put Down the Duckie".

The character was also on Canada's local variation of the series in 1987, Canadian Sesame Street, later known as Sesame Park.

From 1998 onward, Andrea Martin has been regularly featured on "Elmo's World" as the voice of the Lecture Lady, featured on Elmo's TV. The Lecture Lady looked like Edith Prickley in some of her initial appearances.

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