DEBUT 2002

"Einstein" is the name given to an Ancient interdimensional being on Farscape. John Crichton encounters him in "Unrealized Reality," and gives him the nickname as an allusion to Albert Einstein.

"Einstein" pulls Crichton into a desolate snowy environment; to better interact with him, he has also taken human form, and dresses in a black suit. His human appearance is only offset by his black eyes. The Ancient interrogates Crichton about his wormhole knowledge, and considers whether he poses a danger and must be eliminated. Einstein ultimately decides Crichton can continue to exist, and teaches him how to control where the wormholes take him.

Einstein re-appears in Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars, when Crichton brings Stahleek to him, to demonstrate that a wormhole weapon is impossible, Einstein holds the emperor at bay; displeased with the situation, he decides to finally remove the wormhole knowledge from Crichton's mind, much to the latter's relief.