El Cuentacuentos was the Spanish dub of The StoryTeller. In contrast to Monstres et Merveilles, the series was simply dubbed, with a voice-over announcer reading the episode titles and other text.


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Spanish title Original title Episode Voices
Hans, mi erizo "Hans My Hedgehog" Rafael Alonso Naranjo Jr. as Hans
Juan Perucho as Farmer and Jailer
Luisa Ezquerra as Farmer's Wife
Javier Franquelo as King
Lola Cervantes as Queen
Marta García as Princess
Juan sin miedo
(Juan without fear)
"Fearnot" Rafael Alonso Naranjo Jr. as Fearnot
Eduardo Moreno as Tinker
Manuel Peiro as Half Man and Fearnot's Father
Fernando Nogueras as Lidia's Father
José Luis Angulo as Brother
Paco Hernández as Pond Sprite
El niño afortunado "The Luck Child" Claudio Serrano as Lucky
Víctor Valverde as King
Manuel Peiro as Little Man
Luis Gaspar as Chancellor
Francisco Arenzana as Ferryman & Lucky's Father
Mari Luz Olier as Queen & Lucky's Mother
Chelo Molina as Princess
Ángel Egido as The Griffin
Juan Perucho as the Miller
"Sapsorrow" María Antonia Rodríguez as Sapsorrow
José Luis Gil as Prince
Luisa Ezquerra as Badsister 1
Marisa Marco as Badsister 2
José Luis Angulo as Page
El soldado y la muerte "The Soldier and Death" Juan Miguel Cuesta as The Soldier
Manuel Peiro as Devils and Fiddling Beggar
Juan Perucho as Innkeeper
Luisa Ezquerra as the Tzar's Wife
Ana María Simón as Soldier's Wife
Cuando me faltó un cuento
(When I lacked a story)
"A Story Short" Fernando Nogueras as Cook
Manuel Peiro as Beggar
Marisa Marco as Storyteller's Wife
Javier Franquelo as King
Luisa Ezquerra as Queen
Los tres cuervos "The Three Ravens" Maria Massip as Witch
Manuel Peiro as the King and Second King
Claudio Serrano as Prince
El gigante sin corazón "The Heartless Giant" Paco Hernández as The Giant and the Wolf
Rafael Alonso Naranjo Jr. as Prince Leo
Amparo Pamplona as Queen
Juan Perucho as King
Claudio Serrano as Prince 1
Alfredo Cernuda as Prince 2

La verdadera novia "The True Bride" Pilar Santigosa as Anja
Pablo Adán as Prince
Paco Hernández as The Troll and Prisoner 3
Juan Luis Rovira as Lion
Luisa Ezquerra as Passerby
Ángel Egido as Prisoner 2

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