El Show de los Teleñecos is the Castilian Spanish dub of The Muppet Show, televised in Spain beginning in 1978. Its initial run was broadcast on TVE in 1978. It was repeated in the 1990s on Antena 3 and select episodes aired on Canal + in 1999 (along with Muppets Tonight episodes).

Translations and Voices

English Name Spanish Name Spanish Voice Actor
Kermit José Martínez Blanco
Miss Piggy Cerdita Peggy Selica Torcal
Gonzo Javier Dotú
Scooter José Carabias
Statler Benjamín Domingo
Waldorf José Luis Baltanás
The Newsman Presentador de noticias Héctor Cantolla
Pierre LaCousse Rafael de Penagos
Vincent Price José Ángel Juanes
Steve Martin Manolo García
Julie Andrews María Luisa Rubio