El trabajo perfecto 1
Illustrator J. Kostta
Published 1976
Publisher National Textbook Company

El Trabajo Perfecto is a 1976 Sesame Street storybook featuring Ernie and Bert, published by the National Textbook Company. While the book is written in Spanish, it was produced in the United States for use with Spanish-speaking children in America.

The National Textbook Company partnered with Children's Television Workshop in 1976 to produce educational materials for Spanish-speaking students; the sets also included filmstrips, audio cassettes and student activity books.

These books are not connected to the international co-productions of Sesame Street, and they use their own translations of the characters' names. In El Trabajo Perfecto, Ernie and Bert are called Erni and Berto. In the Mexican co-production, Plaza Sésamo, the characters are Enrique and Beto; in the Spanish co-production, Barrio Sésamo, they're Epi and Blas.

In the book, Bert is planning to spend his summer lounging and sunbathing, but Ernie wants to find an interesting summer job. Bert suggests working in a supermarket, but Ernie says that's not interesting enough -- he wants a job in transportation, so he can move around all the time.

First, Ernie says that he'd like to work on a boat, so the pair head down to the docks. Ernie is amazed to see how many jobs there are on a boat -- captain, sailors, the Coast Guard, and people loading and unloading cargo. When they get on the boat, however, Ernie discovers that he gets seasick.

They go to the airport, where Ernie tries out being a pilot, but finds that he's afraid of heights.

In the end, Ernie takes a job driving children around in a small model train in a toy store. At least he got a job in transportation!