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Ledafilms home video release of El show de los Muppets

El show de los Muppets is the Latin American dub of The Muppet Show in the Spanish language.

The series was dubbed during the show's original run (1976-1981) in Mexico at dubbing studio CINSA (where the early Plaza Sésamo seasons were dubbed). A new dub was produced in Argentina at the studio Palmera Record from 1999-2001.

A handful of episodes were released on home video in Argentina by Ledafilms in the 1980s, using the original Mexican dub. The two compilation videos under the Son Los Muppets redubbed the footage, rather than using the original dub.

Translations and Voices

English Name Spanish Name Spanish Voice Actor
Kermit La Rana René/Kermit Jose María Iglesias (original Mexican dub)
Hernán Chiozza (Argentinian re-dub)
Miss Piggy Señorita Peggy Gloria Rocha (original Mexican dub)
Fozzie Oso Figaredo Álvaro Tarcicio (original Mexican dub)
Dany de Álzaga (Argentinian re-dub)
Gonzo Santiago Gil, Héctor Lee, Alfonso Obregón (original Mexican dub)
Ariel Abadi (Argentinian re-dub)
Animal Jorge Arvizu, later Héctor Lee
Scooter Siriaco Jaime Vega (original Mexican dub)
Statler Tadeo Juan Domingo Méndez (original Mexican dub)
Marcelo Armand (Argentinian re-dub)
Waldorf Ezequiel Héctor Lee (original Mexican dub)
Rowlf the Dog Rufo Juan Domingo Méndez (original Mexican dub)
Dr. Julius Strangepork Doctor Tocinosky
Floyd Pepper Héctor Lee (original Mexican dub)
Janice Dolores Muñoz Ledo (original Mexican dub)
Sam the Eagle Sam, el águila Jorge Arvizu, Eduardo Alcaraz, Álvaro Tarcicio (original Mexican dub)
Swedish Chef El Chef Sueco Carlos David Ortigosa (original Mexican dub)
The Newsman Presentador de noticias
Dr. Bunsen Honeydew Dr. Basilio

Guest Stars

Name Spanish Voice Actor
Zero Mostel Víctor Guajardo
Elton John Santiago Gil (original Mexican dub)
Guillermo Gravino (Argentinian re-dub)
Harry Belafonte Carlos Becerril
John Denver Jorge Roig
Mark Hamill Salvador Nájar
Lynda Carter Cristina Camargo
Brooke Shields Patricia Acevedo
Carol Burnett Maruja Sen
Roger Moore Carlos Rotzinger
Jaime Vega
Jorge Arvizu


  • In his introduction to episode 102, Kermit refers to "Beto" and "Enrique" as coming from Plaza Sésamo.
  • Although a full season has never received a standalone commercialized DVD release in the primary Spanish-speaking countries, a Latin American Spanish audio track was included on the Brazilian release of the Season One DVD. A majority of episodes contain the original Mexican dub by CINSA, while episodes 104, 105, 107, 113, 114, and 116 use the Argentinian re-dub. (Episodes 114 and 116 use the original dub for the intro sequence only.)
  • The original Latin American Spanish versions of episodes 102, 108, and 111 were also included on the Italian release of the first season, while the rest of the episodes were presented with the Castilian Spanish dubbing (which similarly was not released on DVD in Spain).
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