Improvisations to Music

Album cover for Nichols & May Improvisations to Music from which an EP of excerpts was owned by Jim Henson.[1]

Elaine May (b. 1932) is a film director, screenwriter and actress. She gained fame early in her career as one half of an improvisational comedy team with Mike Nichols.

May was hired as a script doctor on Labyrinth, receiving no credit for her work. In February and April of 1985, she worked with Jim Henson on a script credited to Laura Phillips and Terry Jones, dated April 11, 1985.[1] Karen Falk[2] notes that "The changes she made in humanizing the characters so pleased Jim that shooting began using her material."[3]

May's other credits include Tootsie (Dustin Hoffman), Dangerous Minds (Michelle Pfeiffer), The Birdcage (Robin Williams), and directing The Heartbreak Kid in 1972.


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