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PERFORMER Christopher Hayes
DEBUT 2021
DESIGN Louis Henry Mitchell designer

Elijah Walker is introduced in 2021 for Sesame Street’s "Coming Together" outreach initiative regarding racism. He was first seen in a video for the Sesame Street in Communities "Racial Justice" topic. He is the father of Wes. Other family members, mentioned in the documentary 50 Years of Sunny Days and shown as character design sketches by Louis Henry Mitchell, are his wife Naomi (a social worker) and his mother Savannah (a history professor).[1]

Elijah works as a meteorologist, as shown in a 2022 webvideo "Take Your Child to Work Day." (YouTube) According to press reports, he enjoys outdoor running, watching movies, and cooking with his family. He also played tennis with his friend Mike, who died of the COVID-19 pandemic.[2]

Book appearances[]


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