Eliot Shag's Apartment is the primary Muppet location on Dog City. Eliot lives alone in a bachelor apartment, #E, in a multi-level brick building. Eliot appears to be on at least the third floor, with neighbors above and below him.

The most important furnishing in Eliot's apartment is his animation stand, which is the centerpiece and where most of the episodes open and close, as Eliot banters with Ace Hart. This workspace is cluttered with paint bottles, food wrappers, crumpled notes, and old character sketches and storyboards. Art work and sketches are also pinned against the wall or cluttering the shelves. A movieola lies nearby, for convenient screening of completed episodes, and an old fashioned telephone, by which Eliot's unseen boss communicates his opinions.

The living room area includes a couch and a television, which also has a video game system. The door includes a "Puppy Pass" entrance for the convenience of neighbor Artie Springer. The apartment also includes a kitchen, with a Kit-Cat Clock hanging slightly above.