PERFORMER Elisabeth Vitouch
DEBUT 1979

Elisabeth was, albeit briefly, one of the main characters on Sesamstrasse, the German version of Sesame Street. All her appearances on the show were filmed in 1979.

She was played by Elisabeth Vitouch, and as with all other Sesamstrasse actors of that time, even though the character's last name was never revealed, the show made it appear as if the actress was basically playing herself. In Elisabeth's case, she was even referred to as a "guest from Vienna" (the city were Vitouch helms from).

Elisabeth was paired with Uwe (played by Uwe Friedrichsen) to interact with Samson, Tiffy, and Uli von Bödefeld in the street scene frame stories.

Compared to her counterparts Lilo, Ilse and Ute, Elisabeth appeared in very few episodes. But because the street scenes were repeated in new episodes for several years after, and intermixed with newly produced material, it appeared as though she visited the street well into the early 1990s.

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