Ella Fitzgerald (1917-1996) was a jazz singer, nicknamed "The First Lady of Song," whose career spanned five decades and who helped popularize scat singing. One of her most popular and oft recorded songs was "How High the Moon." Apart from her solo career, she performed duets with the likes of Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington.

Fitzherald was a prolific recording artist and appeared frequently on TV variety shows (including The Ed Sullivan Show), while making a rare acting appearance as blues singer Maggie Jackson in 1955's Pete Kelly's Blues (directed by and starring Dragnet creator Jack Webb, based on his radio show). The power of her voice was demonstrated in a 1970s commercial campaign for Memorex tape recorders, showing Fitzgerald shattering a wine glass when she reached the high notes.


  • In Sesame Street Episode 2466, Placido Flamingo assumes that Hoots's granddaughter Athena wishes to become a great singer like him. In keeping with her family's jazz roots, Athena says she really wants to become a great singer like Ella Fitzgerald. After Placido sings a song about practicing, Athena has only one question: does Ella Fitzgerald practice? Placido assures her that all great singers practice, but the operatic bird turns to the camera to wonder, "I wonder who this Ella Fitzgerald is."
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