Elmers Verden Intro

Elmers Verden Intro

Elmers Verden was the first Danish dub of Elmo's World.

It was first shown on TV 2/Denmark in the late 1990s and again during the summer of 2002. Around 2004, DR1 bought 45 episodes of the show. DR showed a few episodes again in the summer 2006 and in March 2007.

In 2009 the show was re-dubbed, and re-named Elmo's Verden.

Character Translations and Voices

English Character Name Danish Character Name Danish Voice Actor
Elmo Elmer Troels Walther
Kids Børn Viktor Ryle Schack
Kids Børn Olivia Steffe
The Lecture Lady Veronika Monika Karin Jagd
Travis Tritt Cowboy Tommy Tom Jensen

Additional Voice Actors

Additional credits

  • Jens Davidsen - Director
  • Tekstkontoret - Danish translation
  • Adaptor D&D - Technical staff

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