Opening title screen.

Elmo's Art Workshop is a Sesame Street CD-ROM game produced by Creative Wonders and the Children's Television Workshop. First released as Sesame Street Art Workshop in 1995, it was reissued by Creative Wonders in 1998, and Encore Software in 2002 and 2005.

The game's activities allow users to draw, paint and create artwork. Elmo, who's only heard in voice-over, gives instructions throughout.


  • "Painting": Paint with lines, shapes, patterns, letters, numbers, and simple pictures.
  • "Coloring Book": Color on-screen or print out the pictures to color.
  • "Stickers": Play with hundreds of "stickers" on a background.
  • "Costumes": Dress up the Sesame Street characters. Go back to ancient Egypt or to a rock concert.
  • "Craft Projects": Make a mask, finger puppets, greeting cards and more.



  • Excerpts of the Sesame Street theme (the closing music from 1992) are used for the game's opening title screens and transitions. Another version of the theme (heard during the show's funding credits of the time) is used at the game's end credits.


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