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Release Date October 14, 2008
Produced by Genius Entertainment
Catalogue no. SS00155
Format DVD
Discs 1
Region 1

Elmo's Christmas Countdown is an hour-long Sesame Street special which aired on Sunday, December 23, 2007 on ABC at 7pm. The special was filmed in July 2007 with the working title of "Elmo's Christmas Spectacular."[1]

The story is told by Stiller the Elf to Stan the Snowball, recounting the year Christmas almost didn't happen. Stiller recalls that Oscar the Grouch had been researched as the one who had more Christmas joy than anyone else. As such, he plans to give Oscar the official Christmas-Counter-Downer, without which Christmas can't happen. When Oscar throws it away, the windows on the device vanish, and it's up to Elmo to once again save Christmas.

The special aired on PBS on November 27, 2013, numbered as Episode 4427.



  • On the home video release, as Stan ties up Stiller, his dialogue referring to a CDN report is re-dubbed to remove the mention of the special's commercial break. Also, a scene was added in which Stiller steps in a puddle and thinks Stan melted, and Charles Blitzen's sign-off at the end of the special was cut.


Main Muppets:

Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Stiller the Elf, Stan the Snowball, Big Bird, Grover (and Super Grover), Oscar the Grouch, Cookie Monster, Snuffy, Count von Count, Bert, Ernie, Prairie Dawn, Baby Bear, Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Charles Blitzen, The Mouse King

Background Characters

Rosita, Zoe, Herry Monster, Telly Monster, Hoots the Owl, Wolfgang the Seal, Murray Monster, Murray impostor, Billy Bunny, Lara, Mel, Lulu, Carina the Ballerina, Rico, Dancing Mice, Fruitcake, Candy Cane, Penguins, Buster the Horse, Anything Muppets, Anything Monsters, Honkers, Dingers, forest animals including Jamie Fox, Leonard Birdseed, Ralph the Moose



Kevin Clash as Elmo
Sheryl Crow, Jamie Foxx, Charles Gibson (voice), Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Hudson, Kevin James, Alicia Keys, Ty Pennington, Brad Paisley, Steve Schirripa, Tony Sirico
and Ben Stiller as the voice of Stiller the Elf

Stiller Puppeteered by: Matt Vogel

Muppets of Sesame Street:

Pam Arciero, Jennifer Barnhart, Fran Brill, Tyler Bunch, Leslie Carrara, Stephanie D'Abruzzo, Ryan Dillon, Artie Esposito, James Godwin, BJ Guyer, Andy Hayward, Patrick Holmes, Eric Jacobson, John Kennedy, Peter Linz, Michael Lisa, Noel MacNeal, Amanda Maddock, Ed May, Joey Mazzarino, Paul McGinnis, Tracie Mick, Jerry Nelson, Carmen Osbahr, Marc Petrosino, Martin P. Robinson, David Rudman, Andy Stone, Ian Sweetman, Gabriel Velez, Steve Whitmire, Bryant Young


Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar

Also Appearing:

The Brooklyn Youth Chorus and Tiffany Curl

Production crew


International releases


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