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Songs from Elmo's Coloring Book
Released 1997
Format CD
Label Audio By The Bay
Entertainment Group
Cat no.

Backside of the CD

Elmo's Coloring Book is the soundtrack for the Sesame Street Live show of the same name.

Track listing

  1. My Favorite Color
  2. A New Way to Walk
  3. Mix It Up
  4. Old King Tut
  5. Telly, Telly Tut
  6. The Land of the Dinosaurs
  7. Do the Dino Groove
  8. Junk Yard Medley (Honk, Bang, Whistle and Crash)/(I Love Trash)
  9. Listen Up
  10. The Grouch Medley (The Grouch Song)/(Sesame Street Theme)
  11. Sing
  12. Just Three Colors
  13. Fuzzy and Blue
  14. Red: Hernando's Hideaway
  15. Yellow Polka: Roll Out the Barrel
  16. The Grouch Song
  17. True Colors
  18. My Favorite Color (Closer)

Other releases

  • 60221ECB (Sony Wonder, VEE Corporation CD, 2004)