Written by Michaela Muntean and
Elizabeth Clasing
Illustrator Tom Leigh
Published 2005
Publisher Dalmatian Press
ISBN 9781403715791

Elmo's Delicious Christmas is a 2005 Sesame Street storybook featuring Elmo.

On the day before Christmas, Elmo helps his mommy and Aunt Sue bake Christmas cookies. Going outside to build a snowmonster, Elmo sees his friends preparing for the holiday.

Ernie and Bert carry home a Christmas tree. Big Bird decorates his nest, and Luis decorates the Fix-It Shop. The Count counts snowflakes. Herry Monster has dressed up as Santa Claus, and rings a bell to help collect toys and food for needy families.

Elmo is shocked to discover that Oscar the Grouch doesn't like Christmas, calling it "the worst time of year for Grouches." Elmo decides that he'll teach Oscar to like Christmas. He enlists the help of his friends, and Aunt Sue helps him make special cookies for Oscar.

The group assembles at Oscar's trash can. Bert and Ernie bring Oscar a bedgraggled little tree, decorated with tin cans and bits of orange peel. Big Bird suggests that Oscar have Grundgetta come over to visit. Herry asks if Oscar has anything to donate to families who need help, and Oscar gives up a red and white striped tie -- it's too new, and doesn't even have any moth holes and he wouldn't want Grundgetta to see it. The Count counts Oscar's friends, and Elmo gives Oscar his special creation -- a dozen sardine cookies with squishy icing.

Won over by the holiday spirit, Oscar joins in as the friends sing Christmas carols.


This book was originally published in 1990 as A Grouch's Christmas, written by Michaela Muntean and illustrated by Tom Leigh. It was reprinted in 2005 by Dalmatian Press as Elmo's Delicious Christmas. Dalmatian issued another reprint in 2007, with altered credits: "Written by Michaela Muntean and Elizabeth Clasing". (ISBN 1403737533)

The text says that "Elmo couldn't believe his ears" when Oscar proclaims that he hates Christmas; Elmo even lifts the flaps on his winter hat and asks, "Would you please say that again, Oscar?" Elmo must have a short memory -- Oscar has registered his dislike for the holiday on several occasions, including the 1978 special Christmas Eve on Sesame Street, when he sings "I Hate Christmas". Oscar's feelings about Christmas are also established in two other specials -- A Special Sesame Street Christmas (1978) and A Sesame Street Christmas Carol (2006).


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