Written by Sarah Albee
Illustrator Normand Chartier
Published 2000
Publisher Random House
Series A Random House PICTUREBACK Book
ISBN 0613214900

Elmo's Ducky Day is a 2000 Sesame Street storybook featuring Elmo.

Elmo and his friends are playing basketball, and Big Bird hits the ball into the bushes. Elmo retrieves the ball, and finds a nest full of newly-hatched ducklings. The ducks think that Elmo is their mother, and they follow him as he tries to find the real mama duck.

The ducklings follow Elmo from the movie theater to the bowling alley, and through the library, supermarket, playground and pizza parlor. Elmo and the ducks tie up traffic, and attract the attention of the media.

Finally, they find the mother duck, but the ducklings only want to follow Elmo. He gives the mother his baseball cap, so they'll follow her instead.