Written by Carol Monica
Illustrator Ernie Kwiat
Published August 2006
Publisher Reader's Digest
Series Companion DVD
ISBN 079440684X

Elmo's Easy As ABC is a 2006 flap book that comes with a companion DVD containing Sesame Street songs and skits.

DVD Contents

  • Sesame Street Theme (2002 version)
  • Elmo recites the alphabet for Grover who's having trouble remembering the first part (everything but Z) (First: Episode 3783)
  • Elmo sings an alphabet rap
  • Kids are filmed from above and form the letters of the alphabet holding balloons
  • Big Bird introduces the next segment
  • Waiter Grover: Mr. Johnson's alphabet soup is missing letters
  • The Oinker Sisters sing "The Boogie-Woogie Piggies," but the segment is abruptly cut
  • Dorothy wants to see the alphabet next
  • Animated film with photographed live action kids and animated characters dancing with the letters of the alphabet
  • "Jump Rope Alphabet Cheer"
  • Dorothy wants to hear a song
  • "African Animal Box Song"
  • Suzie Kabloozie transitions into the next segment
  • Elmo raps the alphabet again

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