In 2010, International Masters Publishers AB released a set of Sesame Street storybooks, adventure cards and activity books specifically designed for preschoolers, entitled Elmo's Learning Adventure. The set comes with a colorful slip case, eighteen adventure cards, three activity books, a card box, a free bonus backpack and three hardcover storybooks. It also includes categories that work together to create a complete learning system:

  • Big Bird's Big Words, which presents high-interest words to develop and strengthen your child's vocabulary.
  • Letter of the Day, which introduces reading and writing fundamentals while emphasizing letter sounds and shapes.
  • Count me In, which develops skills in counting, number identification, one-to-one correspondence and more.
  • Zoe’s Rainbow, which makes learning colors, shapes, patterns and textures fun.
  • Grover's Thinking Cap, which is a playful way to teach your child critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Elmo's World, which is an introduction to science through hands-on play, discovery, and observation.
  • Cookie & Me, which makes health and fitness a delicious part of every day.
  • Be a Buddy, which shows your child what it means to be part of a friendship and community.
  • Magical Moments, which celebrates important milestones and routines in your child’s life.
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