Release Date July 10, 2012
Produced by Warner Home Video
Catalogue no. SS00273
Format DVD
Discs 1
Region 1

Elmo's Magic Numbers is a Sesame Street DVD released on July 10, 2012.[1] The DVD features two 2008 episodes -- "Max the Magician" and "Elmo and Zoe's Hat Contest" (both missing the theme song). Elmo's World: Hats and classic "Pinball Number Count" segments are included as bonus features.

When Max the Magician (guest star Will Arnett) comes to Sesame Street, Elmo and his friends are excited for a fun magic show! Max makes a scarf appear and cards disappear and Elmo, Big Bird and Rosita are amazed, but Chris points out what Max is really doing is subtraction and addition. This funny story highlights these math areas and is followed by the rest of a full hour episode complete with additional math and number films as well as favorite segments such as Elmo's World, Murray Had A Little Lamb and The Adventures of Bert and Ernie. Then enjoy another full hour of Sesame Street featuring a second math centric story Hat Day where Elmo and Zoe have a zany contest to see who can wear the most hats! Kids will laugh and learn along as Elmo and Zoe must count, estimate and even count by fives. Who will win? This second story is also followed by the rest of a full hour episode including the fun spoof 30 Rocks which has a counting theme. And if there wasn't enough hat hilarity, Elmo's World: Hats is included as a bonus extra![2]

Sesame Street Preview Elmo's Magic Numbers DVD

Sesame Street Preview Elmo's Magic Numbers DVD


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