2009 edition by Publications International.


2011 Spanish translation.

Elmo's Neighborhood is a set of Sesame Street board books published by Reader's Digest between 1998 and 2001. Each book is shaped like a building in the Sesame Street neighborhood. Over the course of the series, a lost black puppy is hidden in various scenes in each building. The subscription-based books came bundled with a different figurine for every one of twelve shipments.

Reader's Digest reissued 6 of the titles in hardback as the series "Read with Elmo" in 2006.

In 2009, Dalmatian Press began to reissue the series as softcover books, under the series title "Where Is the Puppy?" Some titles were also reissued as hardback books starting in 2010. Each features "Elmo's Everyday Words", a glossary of 8 words from the story, and "Big Bird's Big Ideas", a glossary of 4 more abstract words. The featured words are printed in blue throughout the story. Also in 2009, Publications International released eleven titles under the title "Elmo's Neighborhood: Lights and Music Treasury".

Sesame Workshop launched a new series of iPhone apps in 2009, allowing adults to record their voices reading Sesame books for kids that they love to hear. The app launched with four titles from the "Where Is the Puppy?" series -- "123 Sesame Street", "The Firehouse", "The Fix-It Shop" and "The Playground".[1]

Elmo's Neighborhood

Read with Elmo

Where Is the Puppy?

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