Elmo's preschool original version

Elmo's Preschool is a Sesame Street CD-ROM game for home computers developed by Creative Wonders and Children's Television Workshop in 1996. Elmo guides the user to a place where the user can makes a choice out of the five unique playrooms he or she want to go into.


  • Automatic Leveling (the difficulty level of the game will adjust up or down to keep the game challenging for the child using it)
  • Smart Help (Sesame Street characters will guide children through activities step-by-step)
  • Smart Host (Elmo is always on the screen to give help when needed; simply click on Elmo or wait a few seconds and he will offer assistance)
  • Object Identification (if the cursor is left over a given object on the screen for a few seconds, Elmo will identify it)
  • The Music Room (Find a Sound, Finish a Sound Pattern)
  • Letters Room (Find a Letter, Make an Animal Name)
  • Face Treehouse (Make a Face, How Would You Feel?)
  • Shapes and Colors Tent (Find A Shape, Make a Design)
  • Numbers Clubhouse (Find A Number, The Counting Game)

All locations can be visited in any order and revisited at any time.


Other releases

This game was re-released by Creative Wonders in 1998. It was also included in the 2-disc Sesame Street Learning Series: Elmo's Preschool Deluxe CD-ROM set. A German version was released by Sesame Workshop and The Learning Company. This game was also included in the Get Set for Kindergarten CD-ROM set with Elmo's Reading Basics and Get Set to Learn.

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