Published 2007
Publisher Publications International
ISBN 1412774063

Elmo's Rockin' Road Trip is a 2007 Sesame Street book that comes packaged with a detachable toy mp3 player. The book has 14 pages of lyrics to twenty songs, which are arranged a few to a page by themes such as "Sesame Street", farm songs, camp songs, and Hawaiian songs. The lyrics to the songs have been modified to include references to Sesame characters (eg. "Elmo went over the mountain").

Each song is coded with an icon, and the reader can select the corresponding icon on the mp3 player to hear the song performed by children. There are also buttons for Play, Shuffle and Stop. The player requires 3 AAA batteries.


  1. Sesame Street Theme
  2. 'Round and 'Round the City
  3. Sidewalks of New York
  4. Yankee Doodle Monster
  5. Cute Monsters Plow the Land
  6. Home, Sweet Home
  7. Coming Through the Rye
  8. Home On The Range
  9. Down in the Valley
  10. Buffalo Gals
  11. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
  12. There's a Long, Long Trail
  13. On Top of Old Smokey
  14. The Old Chisholm Trail
  15. Elmo Went Over the Mountain
  16. America, So Beautiful
  17. Two in a Boat
  18. Aloha ʻOe
  19. Fishie, Fishie
  20. The Honolulu Hicki Boola Boo