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Elmo's Sing-Along Guessing Game is a 1991 Sesame Street direct-to-video compilation, originally released by Random House as part of the Sesame Songs Home Video series.

The video is a collection of Sesame Street songs with no particular theme, with framing sequences involving a game show hosted by Elmo. His contestants are Mary, Mary's little lamb (David Rudman), and Mr. Johnson (who's just waiting for a bus to Cincinnati). Elmo asks some questions and then shows a video clip from Sesame Street as a clue. Whoever answers has to jump on a trampoline and ring a bell. A harried director (Camille Bonora) attempts to contain all the ensuing chaos.


Image Segment Description


FRAME 1 Elmo welcomes the viewer to Elmo's Sing Along Guessing Game and meets today's contestants - Mary and her little lamb from Nursery Rhyme, South Dakota, and Mr. Johnson, who isn't there for the game; he's mistaken the studio for the bus stop. Elmo then goes over the rules - a question will be asked, followed by a music video that contains the answer. If the player wishes to answer, they must jump on the trampoline and then ring the bell (following their crash landing). Elmo reads the first question - "What part of the body am I? If you didn't have me, you couldn't bend your arm to tickle your nose." They turn their attention to the video monitor...
Muppets Kermit sings "I Love My Elbows".
(First: Episode 2582)
FRAME 2 The players don't seem to have an answer. Elmo knows and performs the answering method; the answer is elbows! The players aren't happy he got the answer and the director reminds Elmo the host doesn't answer the questions. Elmo apologizes, admitting he loves the trampoline. He proceeds with the next question - "What do you call the front part of your head?"
Muppets Ernie and Elmo sing about the parts that make up "One Fine Face."
(First: Episode 2220)
Introduction cut
FRAME 3 Elmo begs the players to think of an answer, then (not being able to control himself) jumps on the trampoline and answers for them - the face! The players all start to argue, prompting the director to cut away from the game and roll a special public service announcement...
Muppets Kermit sings "Get Along" with some Anything Muppet greasers, the Martians, the Twiddlebugs, and a cow.
(First: Episode 2600)
Introduction cut
FRAME 4 To keep Elmo from ruining the game anymore, the director puts Mr. Johnson as host (even dressing him in Elmo's snazzy sequins jacket). Elmo becomes a contestant as Johnson stiltedly reads the next question from the cue cards - "What do you call something you sing that has words or just a lot of (next card) 'la la's?"
Muppets "Elmo's Song"
(First: Episode 2710)
Introduction and closing cut
FRAME 5 The contestants are too busy dancing to answer, but Mr. Johnson knows it. He jumps on the trampoline, rings the bell and answers - a song! The director takes over hosting, while Johnson decides to stay right by the bell until his bus comes. She asks the contestants - "What are the two numbers that come after the number 6?" The video screen rolls two clues...
Cartoon The Alligator King
(First: Episode 0411)
8 balls of fur
Muppets Little Chrissy sings "Eight Balls of Fur."
(First: Episode 2669)
Ending cut
FRAME 6 All the players know the answer and jump at once, all crashing onto the director and running into Mr. Johnson. She calls a tie and takes a lie-down after asking the next question - "What do you call the one person in the whole world that you most like to play with?"
Cast Pairs of best friends, including Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus, Uncle Wally and Mrs. Trump, and Susan and Gordon, sing "My Best Friend."
(First: Episode 2474)

FRAME 7 Mary and her lamb have the answer and head for the trampoline. Their bounce is so great, they don't come down. The director gets fed up and leaves the stage, letting Elmo seize control of hosting duties again. Now, Elmo pulls a studio audience member to play the game and the lucky person is Oscar the Grouch, who wishes to get it over with. Elmo asks him his question - "What is it that Grouches really love to collect?"
Muppets "I Love Trash" (1973 version)
(First: Episode 0510)
FRAME 8 Mary and her lamb finally land and give their answer, while Oscar answers the current question. He is offered anything he wants and wishes for an exit from the show. It's now time for the final question - "What is the name of this famous dance?"
Muppets Count von Count sings "Lambaba" as he counts sheep and other animals that pop into the room.
(First: Episode 2789)

FRAME 9 Mary's lamb has the answer and answers with her bleating, which Elmo accepts, making her the winner! The lamb requests the song play again, and everyone starts to dance as the credits start rolling. Partway through, Elmo notices Mr. Johnson, sadly still waiting for his bus. A horn blares and a bus crashes through the studio wall, being driven by none other than Grover! He states the bus is going to Cincinnati, then asks how to get there. Johnson does his trademark faint and Grover joins the others in dancing the "Lambaba" while the remainder of the credits roll.


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Lyrics poster illustrated by David Prebenna.