Release Date October 7, 2014
Produced by Warner Home Video
Catalogue no. SS00353
Format DVD
Discs 1
Region 1

Elmo's Super Numbers is a Sesame Street DVD released in 2014.

The DVD's main feature is the street story "Numeric Con," intercut with various inserts and with new scenes not seen in the broadcast version, including one featuring Abby Cadabby dressed as "One-da Woman."

Bonus features include "The Furry Four" street story, "Elmo the Musical: President," The Word of the Day: Respect with Henry Cavill, and a full-length video - Elmo's Shape Adventure.


  • Cartoon: I'm One Too
  • Cartoon: Number 1 and Only
  • Song: “We’re Talking ‘Bout the Number One”
  • Film: Yoga #1
  • Carton: Salty and Pierre #2
  • Animation: Counting eggs, chicks, pine cones, butterflys, and kids by twos
  • Song: “Two, Me and You”
  • Film: Three yellow birds, red mushrooms, and frogs
  • Animation: Kids count three jellyfish, loops, comets, and fire works
  • Song: "Okay, We Got a Hip-Hop Beat" #3
  • Animation: "Three is My Favorite Number"
  • Cartoon: Cuatro gatos
  • Film: Four beatboxers
  • Cartoon: A girl blows four bubbles
  • Cartoon: Construction equipment builds a four
  • Cartoon: Five dogs
  • The Rainbow Fish counts 5 in the ocean.
  • Song: "Five Kangaroos"
  • Film: Kids in the woods see the number 6
  • Film: Dancers in the park count to six
  • Animation: A chef makes six burgers
  • Film/Cartoon: Seven abstract animated creatures from out from hiding on a street for a seventh birthday.
  • Cartoon: Seven steps are drawn for hop scotch
  • Cartoon: Seven construction vehicles
  • Film: A girl counts eight people in her family
  • Cartoon: 8 apples in a tree
  • Film: Milo Counting #8
  • Film: Dancers count to 8
  • Cartoon:: Nine dancers form a number 9
  • Cartoon: Submarine Number 9
  • Cartoon: Nine pigeons
  • Cartoon: A dog licks ten kids
  • Animation: A butterfly counts ten petals
  • Cartoon: Ten Water Skiing Hippos
  • Animation: "Ten Turtles" (remake)
Sesame Street Elmo Super Numbers Preview

Sesame Street Elmo Super Numbers Preview