Elmo's Tickle Hands is a 2009 Sesame Street toy produced by Fisher-Price.

When the person wearing the fuzzy red gloves touches a surface, the gloves vibrate and Elmo giggles. When Elmo's nose is pressed, he sings the "Tickle Hands Groove", a new song. The toy is packaged with a DVD that teaches how to do the Tickle Hands Groove dance.

The toy retails for $29.99, a significant reduction from the Tickle Me Elmo doll's $59.99 price. Fisher-Price marketing director Vince Smart told Brandweek that "the lower price point wasn't a direct result of the recession, but rather the by-product of a perceived ceiling on the doll's upward development. 'We had taken the innovation about as far as we could go,' he said."[1]

As a promotion for the toy, Fisher-Price and Sesame Workshop set up a Facebook app in July 2009. Facebook users could send a "Ticklegram" to their friends, which showed a ten-second video of the product, and played Elmo sound clips.[1]

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