Written by Stephanie St. Pierre
Illustrator David Prebenna
Published 1997
Publisher Random House
Series A Chunky Book
ISBN 0679888993

Elmo's Valentine is a 1997 Sesame Street storyboook featuring Elmo.

Elmo makes a Valentine, which he puts into the Sesame Street Valentine box. When everybody picks their Valentines out, Grover chooses Elmo's. But Cookie Monster doesn't have one, so Grover gives it to him. It doesn't taste very good so Cookie trades it to Ernie for some candy hearts. Ernie gives the valentine to Rubber Duckie, but the Twiddlebugs see it and take it to their flower box. They drop the Valentine into Baby Natasha's carriage. She throws it into the air, and Zoe catches it. Zoe takes the Valentine to the Sesame Street Valentine's Day party and gives it to Elmo.

The book includes a small cardboard heart-shaped valentine and slots on each page to put it into as the story is read.

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