Elmo's World
Video Let's Play Music
First Appearance
Episode 4077

Picture Segment Description
Guess what Elmo's thinking about today? Elmo opens his door and has to run away from a collapsing wall of bells. He dances around with a crown of bells on his head.
Dorothy's Question Dorothy wants to know what you do with a bell.
The Noodle Family After Mr. Noodle wipes Elmo's nose, he attempts to play dress-up with a bell and drink milk from it, before he dons a large hat and covers his body with bells.
Kids and Baby Kids show off the bells they have on a tricycle, that they use to play with their cat, and have used to make their own tambourine.
Video E-Mail Ernie, some honkers (including Mr. Honker) and a dinger perform a rendition of a Honker Duckie Dinger Jamboree.
Elmo's Question Elmo counts how many cows have a bell on.
Quiz Elmo's quiz ends with Baby Bear trying out three different telephones to hear which ring is just right.
TV Cartoon A girl sings a rendition of "Listen to the Bells." Coming up next: "For Whom the Bells Toll" starring Harry Bell-afonte.
Film Elmo's friend Kimberly tells Elmo all about how she joined a hand bell choir.
Interview Elmo talks to a bell.
Tickle Me Land Dorothy imagines Elmo ringing bells.
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