Elmo's World
Video Favorite Things
First Appearance
Episode 4120

Picture Segment Description
Guess what Elmo's thinking about today? Elmo opens Door to reveal a workyard full of construction vehicles.

Dorothy's Question Dorothy wants to know how you build a tower with blocks. Telly also makes his first of several recurring appearances in the episode, carrying a long wooden plank across the frame of the camera... in triplicate, each version of himself carrying a portion of the plank.

The Noodle Family Ms. Noodle tries to build a tower of blocks with a wagon full of broccoli. After nibbling on a stalk, she retuns with several large blocks and manages to make a tower with the help of the Kids who encourage her, "You go, girl!" She knocks over the tower accidentally but rebuilds it again. And that's the way the tower tumbles!
Kids and Baby A girl makes a tower with cardboard blocks, while a boy has built a house of dominoes, with a moat that he collapses for the camera.
Elmo's Question Elmo wants to know how many nails it takes to build a picture frame. Telly returns with a saw and promises that what he's building is gong to be great. Elmo realized that he saw Telly with a saw!
Quiz Oscar uses a jackhammer to break things apart.
Video E-Mail Rosita and Snuffy have built a fort out of boxes, which Snuffy drags away with him when mommy calls him in for dinner. Telly once again teases that he's building something special because it's hammer time!
Film Elmo's friend Kate builds a dog house with her daddy.
TV Cartoon The Building Things Channel features the Construction Lady dancing the Construction Dance. Coming up next, "Nailhouse Rock!"

Interview Telly finally reveals that he's been building a tiny wooden triangle. Then, Elmo talks to a bulldozer who describes the controls inside. He even pushes through the walls of Elmo's room!
Tickle Me Land Dorothy imagines Elmo as a construction worker.
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