Elmo's World
Written by Cathi Rosenberg-Turow
Book Computers!
Video Computer Caper
First Appearance
Episode 3916

Picture Segment Description
Guess what Elmo's thinking about today? Elmo opens his door to let in the computer on which he normally watches his video emails.
Dorothy's Question Dorothy wants to know how you use a computer to write.
The Noodle Family Elmo scares Mr. Noodle's brother Mr. Noodle to cure his hiccups before he asks him the question of the day. Mr Noodle tries placing a piece of paper on top of a computer monitor to write on it before he's instructed to turn the computer on. He then pets the mouse as if it's a small pet rodent and finally figures out how to type on the keyboard until he utterly destroys the computer and got the hiccups again!
Kids and Baby Some kids show various levels of familiarity with computer skills.
Elmo's Question Elmo counts how many computer mice are doing the cha-cha. Afterwards, the computer appears to give Elmo an e-mail for the first time and Elmo failed to stop the computer from leaving.
Quiz Elmo looks at all the different places one can find a computer as Oscar appears with a computer found in the trash because it is broken anyways!
Film Elmo's friend Jordan makes a birthday card for her dad on the computer. She even gave a picture that she made to Elmo afterwards.
TV Cartoon The computer appears again to give Elmo an e-mail but disappeared until Elmo heard a click and thought that it was the computer but it was the TV who wants Elmo to see The Computer Channel. In this channel, a computer and a mouse sing "I Get a Click Out of You". Stay tuned for "Lost in Cyberspace."
Video Email By now, Elmo succeeded on stopping the computer from leaving and gets the e-mail for the first time. Elmo got his first video e-mail from Telly and Rosita who tell Elmo about how much they've loved learning how to use the computer while Telly chants "Dot com! Dot com!" over and over.



Tickle Me Land Dorothy imagines Elmo in a computer game, a desktop paint program, and an interactive story of The Three Little Pigs.


  • During the computer montage, a child can be seen playing the Sesame Street CD-ROM Letters.
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