Elmo's World
Written by Cathi Rosenberg-Turow
Book Opposites!
Video Elmo's World: Opposites
First Appearance
Episode 4041

Picture Segment Description
Guess what Elmo's thinking about today? Elmo's thinking about things that open and close, but he's having a hard time doing just that with his door.
Dorothy's Question Elmo notes that Dorothy's mouth opens and closes quite a bit. She wants to know how you open a back pack.
The Noodle Family Mr. Noodle's mouth is wide open when Shade opens. Mr. Noodle struggles to open a back pack until the Kids coach him through it. Finally, toy snakes spring out of the pack and into Mr. Noodle's face.
Kids and Baby Several kids show Dorothy how they open a book bag in great detail.
Elmo's Question Elmo counts the three hamsters it takes to open the door. It only takes one Elmo to close it.
Video E-Mail Super Grover attempts to illustrate "open" when his helmet closes over his eyes. He struggles with opening it again until Herry comes along and lifts it with one finger.

Note: This is Jerry Nelson's last major performance as Herry.

Quiz Drawer won't open for Elmo until he pulls the knob with all his might. Objects in the quiz include a cake, a crayon and Oscar the Grouch.
Film Elmo's friend Tyler opens and closes many jars, markers, scissors and other objects when he makes a picture in school.
TV Cartoon On the "Open and Close" Channel, the Tulip Lady presents a study of how tulips open and close. Coming up next: Closed Encounters of the Third Kind starring Glenn Close.
Interview Elmo talks to Book (who opens and closes himself) about a construction vehicle with jaws that open and close.

Tickle Me Land Dorothy imagines Elmo as a construction worker using a construction vehicle to attempting to pick up a teddy bear and a jack-in-the-box. Note: John Williams' famous two-note motif from Jaws is referenced in the underscore for the first scene, connecting to the use of the jaws of the machine.
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