Elmo's World
Written by Christine Ferraro
Directed by Ken Diego
Victor DiNapoli
Jim Martin
Ted May
Lisa Simon
Book Being Clean!
Video Wake Up with Elmo!
All Day With Elmo
First Appearance
Episode 3919

Picture Segment Description
Guess what Elmo's thinking about today? Elmo opens his closet door to reveal shelves full of chattering teeth, which all fall on top of him.
Dorothy's Question Dorothy wants to know how you take care of your teeth.
The Noodle Family Mr. Noodle's brother Mr. Noodle demonstrates by shoving a tube of toothpaste into his mouth and gets himself covered in toothpaste before he begins to brush his eyelids and ears with his electric toothbrush.
Kids and Baby Kids brush their teeth and eat carrots to show how they can take care of their teeth as a baby gums on a biscotti.
Quiz Elmo wants to know who else has teeth. Benny Rabbit appears.
Video E-Mail The Count shows Elmo how he brushes his two teeth with a special toothbrush.
Elmo's Question Elmo counts how many apples are eaten by a set of teeth in his new video game which shares a close resemblance to Pac-Man. The game ends with a teeth bursting from the bang as Elmo shouts "Bonus Points!"
Film Elmo's friend Nicholas tells Elmo all about his first trip to the dentist. The dentist tells him he has twenty teeth and uses a camera to show him what they look like on a small TV.
TV Cartoon The Teeth Channel airs "All About Teeth" with the Tooth Fairy. She describes the process of growing and losing your first teeth, and how she leaves a quarter for each tooth lost. Coming up next: To Tell the Tooth, followed by Tooth or Consequences.
Interview Elmo talks to a very smart wisdom tooth, who tells him all about what teeth do, even if it is a bit of a grind.


Tickle Me Land Dorothy imagines Elmo as a beaver, a shark and an elephant.
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