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Release Date November 6, 2001
Produced by Sony Wonder
Discs 1
Region 1

Elmo's World: The Wild Wild West is a 2001 Sesame Street direct-to-video special -- a half-hour episode of Elmo's World in which Elmo and Dorothy learn about the Old West. The special includes guest appearances by Marshal Grover, the Noodle Family, and country singer guest star Travis Tritt.

The release also features bonus editions of Hero Guy and Monster Clubhouse. On the VHS version, they immediately follow the main special's credits. On the DVD, they are made bonus features.


DVD contents

DVD chapters

  1. Intro
  2. Guess What Elmo's Thinking About Today
  3. Happy Trails Song
  4. The Noodles Ride a Horse
  5. Ask How They Ride Horses in the Wild Wild West
  6. Elmo Has a Question for You
  7. How Did People Go Places in the Wild Wild West
  8. Learn About Elmo's Friend Maria's Horse
  9. Grover Sends Elmo a Square-Dancing Email
  10. Learn the Noodles Wild Wild West Dance
  11. Watch the Wild Wild West Channel
  12. She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain
  13. Cowboy Elmo Rides a Horse
  14. Cowboy Elmo Gives Horsey a Bath
  15. Home on the Range
  16. Travis Tritt Tells the Story of Pecos Bill
  17. Wild Wild West Song

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