Elmo's World
Written by John Weidman
Directed by Steve Feldman
Jim Martin
Book Food!
Video Flowers, Bananas & More!
First Appearance
Episode 3858


Picture Segment Description
Guess what Elmo's thinking about today? Elmo is buried in one of his favorite fruits: bananas.
Dorothy's Question Dorothy wants to know what you do with a banana.
The Noodle Family Mr. Noodle tries to make a phone call on a banana, play a banana like a trumpet, and write on paper with an ink-dipped banana. When he finally goes to take a bite, it pops up out of the peel and lands in Elmo's hands.
Kids and Baby Kids show how to peel and eat bananas.
Elmo's Question Elmo counts the number of bananas in a hat.
Quiz Elmo wants to find out who eats bananas and who doesn't. Chairs don't, but a monkey sitting in a chair does. Skateboards don't, but a monkey riding on a skateboard does. Bananas don't, but a monkey holding a banana does. Elmo says that monkeys don't really like bananas, but they do. But Elmo was just kidding.
Film Elmo's friend Michael made an entire meal of bananas: banana bread, fried plantains, banana pancakes, banana smoothies and banana pudding. All of Michael's friends came over for a banana feast.
TV Cartoon The Banana Channel (containing programming with a-peel) tells the story of bananas. Coming up next on The Banana Channel: A bunch of other stuff.
Interview Elmo talks to a comedian banana with his own drum riff to accent his jokes. Elmo learns that he knows enough about bananas to be a banana.
In the home video version, The Banana's brief version of "Top Banana" is redubbed to a generic banana tune.
Tickle Me Land Dorothy imagines Elmo as a banana in a banana tree who is shaken free and chased by a monkey through a supermarket.
In the home video version, Elmo's brief version of "Day-O" is redubbed to another generic banana tune.
Home Video Attempting to answer one of the age-old mysteries, Elmo shows his film "Can a Banana Peel Itself?"


  • In the quiz, no Sesame Street Muppets appear; instead, there is an animated monkey. In fact, this is the only segment where no other Sesame Street Muppets from the regular cast appear at all.
  • The monkey who appears here (performed by Matt Vogel) was one of the several who appeared on Muppets Tonight, and was based after Quongo (a gorilla created for The Muppet Show).
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