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Written by Farrah McDoogle
Illustrator Joe Mathieu
Published 2007
Publisher Reader's Digest
ISBN 0794413110

Elmo & Friends Picture Stories is a 2007 Sesame Street storybook that comes with a play camera that readers use to take make-believe pictures of the stories. Each two-page spread comes with four picture cards that can be inserted into the camera; when the shutter button is pressed, the picture comes out. The "photos" can be stored in pockets under the two-page spread to make an album of the events in the story.

In the first story, it's Abby Cadabby's first day at Storybook Community School. The teacher, Mother Goose (sic), asks her to tell the class about herself. Abby demonstrates her magic by turning a ball into a pumpkin.

In the second story, Zoe performs at a dance recital with other monsters.

Cookie Monster leads the Sesame Street Friendship Day Parade in the next story. The parade includes juggling monsters, waving monsters and clapping monsters, followed by Big Bird playing a drum.

Grover celebrates his birthday in the fourth story, breaking open a piΓ±ata.

The final section is the origin story of Elmo's pet. Elmo's mom and dad bring him to the pet store, and ask him to select a quiet animal. Cats, dogs and birds are too noisy -- but a goldfish is the perfect choice! Elmo listens to the goldfish, who makes a quiet "kiss, kiss" sound. "She likes Elmo!" he says. "Elmo's going to name her Dorothy."