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Elmo & Tango's Mysterious Mysteries is a five-minute animated segment introduced in season 52 of Sesame Street, alternating with the Elmo's World reboot. Thirteen segments were produced for the season.

The segments star Elmo and his puppy Tango, solving mysteries in and around the Sesame Street dog park. The segments also feature two canine characters, Ziggy and Dax, as well as appearances by other Sesame Street Muppets.


Season 52

Picture Segment
Music Robot
Elmo and Tango solve the mystery of what happened to their toy robot.
(First: Episode 5201)
Mystery Wheel
Elmo and Tango solve the mystery of whom a mailed wheel is addressed to.
(First: Episode 5202)
Mystery Present
Elmo and Tango try to arrange the pieces of a mystery present from Elmo's nana.
(First: Episode 5203)
Mystery Cricket
Elmo and Tango help out in Abby's community garden, when suddenly Abby's cricket friend Chirpy goes missing and must be found.
(First: Episode 5205)
Mystery Wand
In the dog park, Abby's wand goes missing during a game of fetch. Elmo and Tango solve the mystery by discovering their dog friend Dax accidentally buried it like a stick.
(First: Episode 5206)
Missing Ball
Elmo loses his ball attempting to throw it for Tango and Ziggy, so they solve the mystery of where it ended up.
(First: Episode 5209)
Lost Treasure
Elmo and Tango help pretend-pirate Grover locate Barkbeard's lost treasure, which is buried under something shaped like a triangle.
(First: Episode 5211)
Mystery Shoe
Elmo and Tango solve the mystery of who owns a shoe they found.
(First: Episode 5214)
Broken Hose
Elmo, Abby, and Tango plant seeds in the community garden. When Elmo and Tango look away, the hose suddenly stops working.
(First: Episode 5215)
Missing Picture
On a windy day, Elmo loses the picture he was drawing of Tango.
(First: Episode 5217)
Missing Hat
Elmo and Tango go on a walk where they meet Farmer Grover. Grover demonstrates that his straw hat is what makes him a farmer, but a second after he places it down, it disappears.
(First: Episode 5224)
Muddy Bandit
Everything in the park has been covered in mud, and Elmo and Tango need to figure out why.
(First: Episode 5226)
Lost Egg
Elmo and Tango find an egg in the middle of the park and seek its original home.
(First: Episode 5228)

Season 53

Picture Segment
Lost Doggie Brush
Elmo is brushing Tango when he sees Grover with a collection of paintbrushes at his disposal. Grover trips and falls, dropping his paintbrushes. He picks them up and walks away, but when he leaves, Elmo's doggie brush is nowhere to be seen.
(First: Episode 5303)
Missing Something
Oscar digs through his trash to find something that's missing, so Elmo and Tango go on a hunt to find what Oscar's looking for.
(First: Episode 5313)
Missing Stinkbugs
Elmo and Tango arrive to Oscar and his four stinky stinkbug friends. By the time Oscar gets a dirtball for them to play with, the bugs have vanished.
(First: Episode 5320)
Missing Coloring Book
Elmo buys an alphabet coloring book from a store, but when he gets ready to color with Tango, he realizes there's a hole in his grocery bag and his book is gone.
(First: Episode 5328)
Missing Ziggy
Elmo gets ready to bathe Tango and Ziggy, but as Tango jumps in the bath, Ziggy disappears.
(First: Episode 5329)
Missing Shaker
Elmo and his daddy play music together as a family, when Elmo's egg shaker goes flying. He and Tango now need to solve the mystery of where it ended up.
(First: Episode 5331)
Missing Ball
On Christmas Day, Elmo gifts Tango a brand new ball. Tango starts to play with it, but it starts to bounce uncontrollably and bounces out of their sight. The two now need to solve the mystery of the missing ball.
(First: Episode 5333)