Elmo - das Musical is the German dub of Elmo the Musical. It aired as a stand alone short form series, separate from Sesamstrasse, on KiKa, beginning on December 25, 2013, and has periodically returned to the schedule since, most recently on January 1, 2016. The package consisted of only ten segments (with "Mountain Climber the Musical" replacing "Athlete the Musical"), with two musicals back to back per show.

The series was released on DVD on April 4, 2014, containing all ten segments.


English Name German Name German Voice Actor
Elmo Martin Reinl (speaking)
Leonhard Mahlich (singing)
Velvet Violetta Caroline Kiesewetter


German Title Original Title Additional Voices
"Der Bergsteiger und der Yeti" "Mountain Climber the Musical" Joey Cordevin as Yeti
Bo Lander as Yak
Oliver Böttcher as Sherpa
"Das Guacamole-Geheimnis" "Guacamole the Musical" Manuela Bäcker as Königin
Marios Gavrilis as Raute der Rezepte
Rasmus Borowski as Nase
"Der geheimnisvolle Würfel" "Detective the Musical" Uli Plessman as Schauspieler
Nadine Schreier as Dame
Bo Lander as Mann
"Das Flugzeug zum Südpol" "Airplane the Musical" Susi Salm as Penguin
"Pizza zum Mars" "Pizza the Musical" Joey Cordevin, Rasmus Borowski, Bo Lander as The Martians
Tetje Mierendorf as Gockel
"Elmo, der Präsident" "President the Musical" Nadine Schreier as Nr. 2
"Der Kapitän und die Hühner-Matrosen" "Sea Captain the Musical" Uli Plessmann as Oktopus
Stephanie Kirchberger as Moby Dick
"Cowboy im Wilden Westen" "Cowboy the Musical" Tetje Mierendorf as Ed
Henner Hoier as Fred
Henning Nöhren as Doppel 1
Oliver Böttcher as Doppel 2
"Der Prinz und der Drache" "Prince Elmo the Musical" Peter Kirchberger as The Dragon
Henning Nöhren as Maus-Mann
Stephanie Kirchberger as Maus-Frau
"Elmos Zirukstraum" "Circus the Musical" Uli Plessmann as Direktor
Joey Cordevin as Chicken

Additional credits

  • Dubbing: Studio Hamburg Synchron
  • Dialogue adaptation/voice director: Peter Kirchberger

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