Written by Tony Geiss
Date 1990
Publisher Ephemeral Music Company
Sesame Street Inc.

"Elmo Can Fly" is a Sesame Street song imagined by Elmo in Episode 2824 where he pretends to climb a beanstalk and decides to fly up to the top. He sings about having the ability to fly and all the ways he can fly (such as high, low, fast and slow). He is soon backed up by a pair of birds (Fran Brill and Camille Bonora).

The song was later re-edited with a new intro and closing to be used as a stand-alone insert. (First: Episode 3679) Big Bird and Gabi performed a modified version of the song on episode 3431.

A clip of the song is briefly seen in another Sesame Street song, "I'm a Little Airplane."


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