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Written by Tish Sommers Rabe
Illustrator Tom Brannon
Published 1990
Publisher Western Publishing
Series A Growing-Up Book
ISBN 0307290115

Elmo Gets Homesick is a Sesame Street storybook published in 1990 featuring Elmo.


When Elmo's Dad decides to join Elmo's Mom on a business trip, his sister Daisy goes to camp, and Elmo spends some time alone at his grandparent's farm. He feels a little shaky as he watches his parents drive away, but is quickly distracted by monster marshmallow cookies and deciding on all the things he wants to do with his grandparents. The next morning he feels homesick, but his Grandpa assures him that his father used to feel homesick too and that he will be back with his family and friends very soon.

Elmo has a wonderful time with his grandparents. He picks apples in an orchard and his grandma makes an apple pie. He visits some kittens and has his first pony ride and he teaches his Grandpa to play "Monster Marble Maze". They also look through a family photo album. He receives his first postcard from his parents, and is surprised that his parents are coming back to get him so soon. At the end of the story he explains that he will miss his grandparents, but he can't wait to go home and tell everybody on Sesame Street about his visit with them.