Elmo Says BOO! (CD).jpeg
Songs from Sesame Street
Released September 1, 1998
Format CD
Label Sony Wonder
Cat no. LK 63505 (CD)
LK 63505 (cassette)
LK 63506 (CD)
LT 63506 (cassette)

Elmo Says BOO! features four songs from the video Elmo Says BOO! It also includes a number of other Halloween-related and monster-related Sesame Street songs.

Track listing

  1. Elmo Says BOO! - Elmo and The Count
  2. The Monster Mash - The Count, Zoe and Telly Monster
  3. Monster in the Mirror - Grover
    from Put Down the Duckie!
  4. Bones (Inside Of You) - The Count
  5. Roll That Pumpkin Down to Town - Elmo and the Count
  6. Frazzle - Frazzle and The Frazzletones
    from The Sesame Street Monsters!
  7. The Batty Bat - The Count
    from Put Down the Duckie!
  8. Transylvania 1-2-3-4-5 - Elmo and the Count
  9. Games Monsters Play - Herry Monster and Grover
    from The Sesame Street Monsters!
  10. Be Kind to Your Neighborhood Monsters - The Sesame Street Monsters
    from The Sesame Street Monsters!
  11. The Song of the Count - The Count
    from The Count Counts
  12. The Lovable Monsters of Sesame Street - Grover, Herry Monster, Frazzle and Cookie Monster
    from The Sesame Street Monsters!


  • And introducing The Frazzletones: Christopher Cerf, Richard Hunt and Jerry Nelson

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